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 Suck my cringe

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Glorious Arstotzka Leader

PostSubject: Suck my cringe   Fri May 30 2014, 13:03

Youtube video shows a study saying people who earn more have less sex, people say "omg less incentive to earn well."
One guy calls it a travesty people consider sex more important than being productive.
Another guy calls him a virgin followed by "loljk"
First guy confirms he's a virgin and 42 years old
I click 42-year-old's youtube channel, find him casually talking about how sex work should be legal and trying to convince random black people on the street that the N-word is another way of saying "friend."

I hit subscribe. Now I get this kind of shit.


tl;dr I'm in too deep. Send help. Keep quiet or it will hear you.
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Suck my cringe
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