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 flintlock and ThinahHL [Denied]

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PostSubject: flintlock and ThinahHL [Denied]   Wed May 25 2016, 07:41

Your applications were denied.

The reasons were mostly based on the following:
-ThinahHL's gear, passives and current status are heavily lacking in comparison to the average on the server.
-The inability to attend Saturday TW (xTW). Our normal TWs are mostly filled with 80 people as it is currently. This means that at most you'd be added for xTW, and it seems like you'd be unable to attend these. This is a bit of a bump.
-flintlock's attitude problem in general conversations. You don't have to be nice at all to me, or anyone in faction, I'd never ask that. But realize that they also won't be friendly in return. I won't disclose specific PMs, but needless to say, at times when I AFKed from game and came back, your temper got the better of you and the messages you left me were not something I'd want from anyone with an actual interest in creating a new home in our faction.

All in all, activity, gear check-up, availability and attitude made us go with denying the applications for now. I'm unsure on how the availability and/or attitude could improve, but if it would, you'd be welcome to try applying once more. If not, then I still wish you all the best regardless, our faction is heavily focused on TW/xTW and PVP. It's not for everyone, nothing good or bad about it.

Have a wonderful day~

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flintlock and ThinahHL [Denied]
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