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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   Mon Sep 10 2012, 17:28

Hello, thank you for your interest in joining Infamous. We are a drama-free and relaxed faction. We do not take the game too seriously so if this game is an alternate reality for you, please close this page now. We are a TW/DC/RPK faction and we are very selective about the members we allow into the guild.

You will not be admitted simply because you have good gear, or because you have friends in the faction. Take your time completing the following application. If you want to join us bad enough, we should be able to recognize the effort put into your application.

For anyone re-apping after leaving guild, you must put in detail why you left guild in the first place in the appropriate response box. Failing to do so will result in a deny. If you wish to keep it confidential, PM either Barbapapa/Paparazzi, nemki, Jekyll, or ColdEP in-game or on forums after you have submitted your re-app.

Your application will be kept confidential among members or officers,
and expect to be contacted by our officers until a decision has been made.

Thanks, and good luck.

Please make sure to create an account before trying to submit an application : Preferably using your in game name


If you have problems with the link, you can also go here: http://tinyurl.com/infaapply


Level  Standards:

Barbarians: LvL 101+ 25k+ HP in Tiger Form and level 11 HP buff
Blademasters: LvL 101+
Clerics: LvL 101+
Archers: LvL 101+
Mages: LvL 101+
Venomancer: LvL 101+
Assassins: LvL 105+
Psychics: LvL 101+
Seekers: LvL 101+
Mystics: LvL 101+
Duskblades: LvL 101+
Stormbringers: LvL 101+

All Applicants must have minimum 1500 spirit, either r9rr or Full g16 +7 minimum refines, and be x2 rebirthed. Assassins under 105 or with gear any less than full r9rr +10 will be auto-denied unless willing to do nothing but scout until level/gear is decent.
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Application Form
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