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 Kiirra [Denied - Read]

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PostSubject: Kiirra [Denied - Read]   Wed Dec 13 2017, 13:08

Application denied,

It fills me with sorrow to once again deny your application, there has been some upgrade since last, though i would like to know, who helped you with, which course to take as an assassin.

Since you never contacted me in game to ask for advice, i will write it here.
APS assassins aren't worth much these days, you will have a hard time finding a squad for anything. You should go full g16 as a minimum, since skill damage is much better. It is you own choice to get warsoul weapon, but in my opinion is money that could be spend on a temporary g16 weapon and save money for rank 9.

Regardless of you liking to PVP or not these things you should take into consideration for your future goal.
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Kiirra [Denied - Read]
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